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In Luminous a little girl is trapped in the darkness of his own mind, a trip in her memories where the enemies are her nightmares, looking for a light that can take her to overcome the traumas that haunt her. What better friend if not the loving teddy bear?

How to play Luminous: drag to move, tap to illuminate an area and discover what is hidden. Be careful, if you run out of energy you have to move in the dark. Search for familiar objects to regain your strength, illuminate larger areas or defeat your nightmares. Find Teddy, face all your fears and proceed to the next level following the light.

- Explore randomly generated levels

- Move in the dark

- Face your fears

- Discover what haunts you

- Unlock all the endings

- Share the story with your friends

- Eat CANDIES to recover energy and look around

- Play the CHORDS to illuminate your surroundings

- Hear MELODIES to reveal the entire level

- Use BELLS to defeat your enemies

- Look for HAPPY MOMENTS to know more about the story

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